adjective \ˈbrāv\
Getting ready to go into the OR.

Getting ready to go into the OR.

1. possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.
2. making a fine appearance.
3. excellent; fine; admirable.

Caleb, my youngest son, had surgery yesterday.  It wasn’t his first time.  He had surgery last March on one foot, then yesterday on the other.  In March, he was so excited leading up to the day, thinking of all the attention he was going to receive walking on crutches, riding in his wheelchair, which by the way, that excitement didn’t last too long, once the surgery was over. Which brings me to the point of this post.

My son is brave.  Caleb knew what to expect this time.  He knew that they would draw some of his blood (which caused him to pass out last time), he knew that he would be groggy coming out from the anesthesia, and he knew that there would be pain during recovery. I’ve never had a surgery. Most everyone knows that I’ve had more than my fair share of stitches, but that doesn’t even compare.  I can’t stand the idea of needles poking me, so prior to the first surgery, when they drew his blood, I, as the dad, tried to be brave for my son and stood there when they did it.  I even went over to him and got him to look at me instead of what they were doing. Then I about lost it.  So this time, we requested that they do all of that AFTER they put him to sleep.  Much better.   Side note on needles — the notebook the doctor’s had on Caleb stated on the front “Needle Phobia” and “Severe Needle Phobia”. When I showed that to Caleb he said, “I’m not afraid of needles.  Just the pain the needles cause”. He is a funny guy.

I am so proud of my boy. He went into surgery as such a trooper.  And he came out even better!  Caleb Isaac Flaming – I am proud of you.  I am praising the Lord God Almighty for who you are, and what He is doing in your life! I love you, son!


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